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Eric Ossebaar

Eric is an award winning singer songwriter with a smooth voice similar to that of Sting and John Farnham. Eric has been a top ten international finalist in the USA Songwriters comp 2002, 2003 and 2006.

At the 2003 Australian Gospel awards he was chosen for writing the best music for his song 'Arise'. In 2003 God was glorified once again as Eric was able to testify about Jesus when he was awarded best Jazz song at the Musicoz Awards. Where ever Eric goes his gentleness yet passion for music and God inspires people of all ages and backgrounds.
I was born in New Zealand where I lived for 13 years. My parents are from Holland originally, and due to my fathers work we travelled extensively, which took us back to Holland where I finished my schooling. While there I was greatly influenced by the music of that time (R & B Soul Music) and was involved in DJ work. My parents would faithfully go to church every Sunday, but church seemed irrelevant to me at the time as I was more interested in the night life and party scene.

We moved to Australia but my life style didn't change for many years. In 1988 I decided to check out if there was more to life than the life I was leading, I ended up going to a small church in my neighbourhood where God challenged me and I made a commitment to seek after Him more. It wasn't long before I was lured back into my old ways though. I occasionally want to church but the double life that I was leading eventually pushed God out of the picture.

In 1989 my brother and mother told me about a Christian camp that was coming up. I wasn't really
that interested as I had in my possession free tickets to a huge funk dance party which I was right into, however something within me was drawing me to go to this camp and I went not really knowing why. In one of the seminars a speaker called John Bond spoke of love, forgiveness and mercy and of how a man called Jesus went through so much suffering and pain for me, I wanted to know more. On the last night I was challenged to get my life right before God. I knew what I had to do and it was then that I gave my life to Jesus, meeting with Him was the turning point in my life, and the hold of the old ways had gone. At the camp I met my wife Olga and some months later we were married.

I started to sing in churches and many people would say that I should do something with the gift God had given. In the beginning of 1999 we ventured into the production of the album "Face to Face".

Since releasing "Face to Face" I've been on an amazing adventure travelling throughout Australia with my beautiful wife & kids expressing through music & testimony God's wonderful life changing qualities.