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frequently asked questions

What is your fee for coming and ministering?

We do not have a set fee or charge. For years now we have not demanded anything of the local church or organization requiring us to come. If you would like to take up a love offering or make a donation towards this ministry however it would be greatly appreciated.

Will you require our sound equipment and sound tech?

Usually we will bring all our own gear. If the building is exceptionally large we can hook our system into your system using a DI.

How much time will you require?

We will fit into what ever time frame is given. Most places will ask us to do 45 minutes to 1 hour however if you choose to allow less time we will gladly accommodate you.

What age group does your ministry suit?

The beautiful thing about the gospel is that it crosses all age barriers and we are sensitive to the needs of the people. Becoming all things to all men yet never compromising the word.

Do you always minister together?

Mostly yes but if you want just Eric to minister the word in song or only Olga to bring the message we can do that.

Would you come to my church we are small in number?

Size has never been an issue for us. If you want us to minister with you then we would count it a privilege to be part of what God is doing in your midst.

Do you minister to all denominations?


How can we use you?

We have been used in church services, men’s breakfasts, conferences, ladies meetings and festivals.

What is the thrust of your ministry?

This is a motivational ministry whose desire is to see the full potential of a person raised up into the image of Jesus, focusing in on holiness, righteousness and living the life for Christ.