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Olga Ossebaar

Described by many as vibrant and others as passionate Olga introduces our wonderful God in an energetic and real way.

Olga talks about issues that challenge and convict but always motivates, offering hope and life through Gods son Jesus Christ. The gift of communication is evident.

Olga has had the privilage of sharing at many churches and ladies conferences where God has transformed lives as people from all walks discover their destiny and inheritance.


My life in a nut shell has been one of blessing although I was not brought up in a Christian household. I was an only child born into a house with a loving mum and dad. We travelled around Australia for most of my life. At the age of 17 I left home and moved from Western Australia to New South Wales. Over this time I experienced things of the world that I had not known before. I did the stuff that most people do. I drank, partied hard, hey isn't that what young people do? I tried drugs and lived with a guy for awhile then when that was over I met someone else. Sound familiar. In 1986 I moved back to mum and dads place as life wasn't going too good and they had always told me that it didn't matter what I was into or what I was doing that the door would always be open, come home we love you. What an amazing statement. They didn't have a relationship with Father God but they knew about unconditional love. At this time I began to travel the world. Life seemed great. I had a new boyfriend, a car, a good job, a family that loved me and I was seeing this great world. After one of my trips overseas I went back to my place of employment in a supermarket where I met a girl who wasn't there when I had left. She was different to anyone that I had ever met in all my travels. She came to work happy and would even sing, strange huh! I was drawn to her and after some time I asked her what made her different. She told me that she was a Christian but that didn't really mean much to me as I thought we were all Christians. I asked her to pin point what made her different and then she said "I know Jesus". I thought, 'you know Jesus, yeh right, sure'.

She told me of this Jesus, how God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus) to die for my sins so that I could come into relationship with Father God because no one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ.

This really struck home as I was an only child and I don't think my mum and dad would have given me up for anything. She also told me that He didn't stay dead that on the third day He rose from the grave and that He was preparing a place for those who love Him. Whoa, I thought, but there was more as she went on to say 'that He is coming back to collect those who love Him to take them to this wonderful place'. I needed time to digest all this information and she sensed that, however she did invite me to a Christian concert. When I arrived I wasn't sure what to expect but it was weird, as, even though I didn't know anybody really, people were friendly and made me feel very welcome. As the concert progressed I thought wow do all these people love Jesus? You see I had this pre conceived misconception that to love Jesus you had to be boring and these were defiantly not that. At the end of the night the pastor got up and asked if anyone would like to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives and if so raise your hand. My heart started beating incredibly fast as I knew that I needed to respond so my hand went up. Pastor then said that if we were serious about giving our lives to Jesus to come up the front.

At this I didn't hesitate as I knew this Jesus was the one that I had searched for all over the world but He was just waiting for me to respond to His love I was transformed, I was forgiven, and I was free. My life was never the same again. It was good before but it is 100% better now. Jesus truly is the way, truth and life.