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"It was an unbelievable pleasure to meet you and share the platform with you. I pray for God's awesome blessing to continue with you and your ministry." Pastor Steve Kennedy, Liberty Christian Church

"It was a wonderful night. Our people appreciated your music and your message, but more importantly, they appreciated you.

Your spirit, encouragement, humility and love for people was very evident. I know it left a lasting impression on those who attended."  Pastor Wayne Alcorn, Brisbane City Church, QLD

"I was greatly encouraged by their relaxed and humble attitude and their desire to serve. Both Eric and Olga shared capably and effectively, being a blessing to the church family. We quickly developed a rapport with each other and felt as tho long time friends had come to visit." Senior Pastor Errol Buckle, Heritage Christian Centre, Bundaberg, QLD

"You carry a grace which our people identified and responded to with open hearts. We really appreciated your hearts and surrender to the King and the way you ministered at the end of the night." Apostolic Leader Phil Spence, Agape Church, Brisbane, QLD

"Our whole congregation were thoroughly blessed by Eric’s wonderful music & Olga’s timely sharing of the word. Eric and Olga’s presentation is excellent and professional and their style friendly for both church and un-churched audience. Our people instantly warmed to this family who carry themselves with a warm and friendly servant heart. We were particularly blessed by their passion for smaller churches and their gracious flexibility. Their close relationship with the Lord flavours every aspect of their ministry and character." Senior Pastors Neville & Sue Ellen Strachan, Eastgate Christian Community, Byron Bay, NSW

"Eric’s music and song is very unique and easy listening. He actually appealed to our youth, families and senior members also, which is unusual these days. His songs carry the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on God’s grace, mercy and living in relationship with Him. Olga is a brilliant and natural communicator. We saw three lives dedicated to Jesus as well as everyone there greatly encouraged in their faith." Senior Pastor Peter Ainsworth, Northern Beaches, Christian Life Centre, Woolgoolga, NSW

"We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and know the people were blessed by your ministry. I was impressed by your obvious love of God.  Your willingness to serve and bless the local church as well as the unique gifting God has given you to powerfully touch lives through music and preaching." Senior Pastor Phillip Brown, Port Macquarie City Church, NSW

"Eric has a rich, powerful singing voice, a wide variety of songs that relate to all. His unique ability to write songs from personal experience, inspiration from the Bible, or from things that are happening around him and his family speak into the hearts of people. His desire to be a blessing to the local church, to glorify God through his songs and his life, is what truly comes through in what he does. Olga is an inspiration, her ability to preach the word of God is awesome. Her style of preaching is relevant, inspiring, humorous and God glorifying touching the hearts and minds of all people. She is very conscious of time when preaching, and that she is a guest in a local church, and has an attitude to please and do all she can to enhance the local church. She lives what she preaches. Both Eric and Olga compliment each other' it is truly wonderful to see God using them in such a wonderful way." Pastor Glenn Gillie, Hervey Bay Christian Church

"They came and blessed the body and did not place any undue expectations on our church. I recommend Olga and Eric to any church and know that they would come in humble service to bless your congregation." Pastor George Gebran, Redlands Fellowship

"Eric's singing was superb, as was his original backing music. The lyrics of the songs were scripturally sound and spiritually uplifting. Olga's preaching and encouraging from the scriptures was thoughtful and relevant." Pastor Russell Tasker, Calvary Life Assemblies.

"Our people thoroughly enjoyed your music and message - the music was contemporary and easy to listen to, and the word was both relevant and challenging. We were blessed by your professional, yet relaxed ("real"!) presentation." Pastor Alan Morris, Shiloh Christian Church


"Thank you for your continued passion in sharing the gospel throughout our nation & I trust the future will continue to open doors for you within His purposes." Senior Pastor Keith Stevenson, Hervey Bay Baptist Church, QLD

"Eric, your ministry in song was tremendous, and I commend you for your continued sensitivity to the Sprit’s leading as you write songs and as you select a repertoire for a ministry occasion. Olga, your message was excellent and a blessing to all who were present." Pastor Brian J Roberson, Coral Coast Christian Church, Bundaberg, QLD

"Eric, we very much appreciated your ministry to us in song. We were also encouraged by your testimony Olga, it gives us encouragement to see God at work in so many different and diverse ways. What a wonderful God we have!" Senior Pastor Phil Greenbury, Maroochydore Baptist Centre, QLD

"Eric & Olga were gracious, humble and very sensitive to our situation. They both made a very relaxed and effective connection with the church. The ministry was greatly appreciated.

Eric singing was very God centred & inspirational. Olga’s preaching was biblical and challenging and presented with passion & enthusiasm." Senior Pastor Chris Ganter, Rockhampton Baptist Tabernacle, QLD

"I have had nothing but positive feedback from your time with our Youth Group and your time with us on Sunday morning. After the Sunday morning service positively, on both the content of the sermon and the impact of the songs. I also know that you spoke to a number of individuals after the service. As a result one of those folk was baptised two weeks later, others were significantly encouraged in their walk with God

On a personal note I was blessed for having met you and by the manner you ministered amongst us. I want to commend you for being so sensitive to who we are as a congregation and for the way you demonstrated a genuine heart for serving the church." Senior Pastor Rev Mike Mills, Alice Springs Baptist Church, NT

"We are so thankful to God that you & Eric have been able to come. It’s been a real “Breathe of fresh air” and a blessing and encouragement to Matt and I in the ministry God has given us here. You guys made a big impression on me all those years ago back in 2001 @ Berwick Church of Christ & it’s great to see you still faithfully serving & loving God & people.

May God bless you & your family as you continue to honour Him in all you do" Pastor Matt & Kate Hill, Euchuca Baptist Church, VIC

"Their infectious faith, pleasant demeanour and love for Jesus and His Word is abundantly evident in their ministry and interaction with people, both Christian and Non Christian. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you." Pastor Albert Loder, Warwick Baptist Church. 

"I cannot recommend their ministry of Hope & Life more highly. Eric's music ministry is of the highest quality both musically & in its content. He ministers with sensitivity & had a great acceptance across a wide age group. Olga ministers the word directly, with sensitivity & doctrinal soundness & the response of the congregation was very positive." Pastor Don Shepherd, Cannon Hill Baptist

Church of Christ

"Eric provides a highly professional and spiritually challenging ministry through his songs and Olga gave one of the clearest, most honest and convincing testimonies I have ever heard. We will certainly ask them to serve with us again in the future." Pastor Alan Hermann, Pine Rivers Church of Christ.


"I whole heartedly recommend Eric and Olga to any church, as they would do nothing less than totally bless your people and reveal the Risen Lord through their lives and ministry. In fact I would go so far as to say that if you miss the opportunity to have them, then you really have missed an opportunity with God." Pastor Allan Jones, Bellingen CLC


"Eric has a tremendous talent that he has offered to God & is using for the extension of the kingdom. His God-given ability of song writing and music is being used to strengthen the body and the administration of his talent is a great blessing to the church.

Olga has a vibrant ministry in preaching and relevant message for today. She is a fiery, excited preacher with a passion to see the church living according to the Word of God.

Together they are a blessing and will be a blessing to your church. I have no difficulties in recommending them and I know they will impart a spiritual deposit in both the young and old of your church and of course those in between." Senior Pastor Merv Westbrook, Darwin Christian Outreach Centre / INC, NT

"Thank you for ministering to us here at the ‘Range’, we were totally blessed with your word and music, your words of encouragement means so much to us." Pastor Mark & Annette Green, The Range Christian Outreach Centre / INC, Montville, QLD

"Your ability to work with where the local church is ‘at’ and also to encourage the congregation through inspiring worship and preaching is welcoming." Ken & Frances Wigglesworth, City Impact Church, INC, Mackay, QLD

"Yet again, we are blown away with the love of God operating through you two, and the power of God evident in your testimony and delivery of the message.

I pray that you will be strengthened as you continue to travel and be so obedient to God in taking risks to serve Him in both your “outlook” and the places you go.

Much love" Pastor Paul & Meg Jugens, Heartlands Church, Casino, NSW

"Thank you so much for coming to Cowra, as especially during school holidays when so many can be away. You are both such a blessing & our prayer for you & all your family is that you would continue to know the length, breathe, depth & height of His wonderful love & that the good work He has begun He will complete until the day of Jesus Christ.

Be blessed & victorious" Pastor Michael & Annette Gordon, Ignite Church COC, Cowra, NSW

"It was obvious that Eric & Olga are anointed in their ministry. Eric used his incredible gifting as a musician and singer to minister songs to the congregation and share for communion time. Olga spoke passionately with a real and relevant message which touched, challenged and encouraged many lives." Pastor Dan O'Farrell, Caloundra COC

"Eric and Olga were some of the best ministry we have had in 13 years. Our church is approximately 350 members strong." Pastor Greg Schier, City Net COC

"Eric & Olga Ossebaar recently ministered to our people with life changing music and preaching. We had a wonderful time with them and they were a wonderful example as a Christian couple and family."  Pastor Richard Dodd, Tweed Coast COC

"As a pastor from a church of nearly 350 members we were blessed to have them minister to us recently." Pastor Charlie Dalla Vecchia,Cairns COC

"It was a delight to have them. We invited other churches to join us and we had people from five other denominations present. Everyone spoke well of their ministry. They are sensitive to peopleand also to their denominational backgrounds." Pastor Brian Steele, Chinchilla COC

"They conducted themselves well and were very positively received.   The message that was presented was clear and uncompromised through the music and preaching. We would be happy to have them visit again." Pastor Kevin Mathewson, Coffs Harbour COC

"I have no hesitation in recommending Eric and Olga Ossegaar's ministry to other churches, as they were and awesome blessing to our congregation." Pastor Ranald Cameron, Gilgandra COC 

Salvation Army

"I found their approach to music ministry to be deeply spiritual with evidence of a deep reliance upon the Holy Spirit for their personal and public ministry. Their ministry of music and testimony touched many lives with a first time visitor one of a number committing their lives to Christ as a result of their service." Captain Dean Clarke, Southport Salvation Army.

Personal Testimonies

"I just want to say you both have a powerful ministry & testimony. It was so lovely to see you guys again. God has really blessed us through your ministry. You are an inspiration. I believe i just got this from the Lord that He is saying “GO GO GO”

God bless" Dennis, Patricia & Elizabeth (Biloela)

"Thanks heaps for both of you taking the time to speak to me after the service this morning. Speaking with you I felt a real warm connection with you both. I have gone away feeling a lot more at peace within myself & have found a few answers. I really believe people like you make a difference (you don’t pretend to be all high & mighty & pure of heart) in this world. You gave me peace in myself that I am moving in the right direction. I believe I can & will walk a life in Christ as you are doing. Thank you for your warmth & understanding." Peter F

"Eric has been careful to maintain biblical integrity while injecting the real life experiences of a man seeking to lead his family well, to honour God & remain steadfast in his Christian faith. It’s not often I’m given the opportunity to share some of our single ‘home/grown’ Aussie music with my UCB international family so when a quality Christian artist comes along I jump at the chance." Mandy Worby, Vision Christian Media (UCB)